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Why I Did It

The Birth of The Prong: Why I Rolled Up My Sleeves

The Birth of The Prong: Why I Rolled Up My Sleeves

Necessity, they say, births invention. That's exactly the story of The Prong. As Aussies, we're wired to find clever fixes, to simplify life in every possible way. Pull up a chair, and I'll share the tale that sparked this gardening revolution.

My love for gardening is a thread woven through the fabric of my life. There's a unique tranquillity in tending the earth, a peace that's always grounded me, until I hit a snag—quite literally. Hidden rocks, forgotten bricks from builders past, you name it, my garden had it. And the casualties? My poor forks and shovels. If I had a dollar for every one that snapped or bent, I’d be sunning in the Riviera!

But why complain when you can create, right? This is where good mates shine. Noel Gessner, a friend and an engineering whiz, shared my vision. We toiled and tested (my backyard’s more hole than turf now) and lent out prototypes. The verdict from everyone? "Mate, where can I get one?"

Our Prong Promise

And so, here we stand. With a tool that's not just a fleeting gadget, but a sturdy companion in your gardening journey. The Prong is here to stay, ready to pry out the stubborn, unyielding remnants in your soil, or simply to turn the earth with ease. 

To my fellow garden warriors, may The Prong bring as much ease to your labour as it has to mine.

Cheers to greener gardens and easier digging,


The Prong in Action

Your garden’s new best friend.

Tough Stuff Made Easy

Ever seen a tool lift a hefty log with minimal effort? That's the Long Prong for you. Used on my own stretch of land in Queensland, this tool proves indispensable for landscapers and tradespeople alike. Its extra length? A lifesaver for digging out what you thought was immovable. Built to endure, the Prong is the sturdy companion your garden didn't know it needed.

Gentle on Plants, Tough on Clumps

If you've ever wrestled with dense patches in your garden, you know the struggle. The Prong steps in to make short work of these areas, allowing you to separate and transplant clumps with ease—yes, even bamboo! It's about getting the job done without harming your beloved plants or straining your back.

Ready to Elevate Your Gardening Game? Choose The Prong Today

Say goodbye to broken wooden handles and bent tines. Embrace the future of gardening with The Prong, where durability meets efficiency in every tool. Whether you're a seasoned gardener, a dedicated landscaper, a hardworking farmer, or a professional contractor, it's time to make the switch to The Prong and experience the difference for yourself.

Don't wait—transform your gardening projects with The Prong and make back-breaking digging a thing of the past. Shop now and make gardening easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.